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Window 10 CompatibleisimSoftware Prompter Software Prompter Software isimSoftware Prompter Software is a modern and powerful teleprompter / text scroller for Windows. isimSoftware Prompter Software isimSoftware PrompterSoftware, a modern and powerful teleprompter / text scroller for Windows! This program can display a smoothly scrolling text in a resizable or full screen window. For a smooth scrolling experience in a large window, the graphics card has to be powerful enough though. The program can be configured in many ways, is easy and fun to use. Features 1 Resizable or full screen window for your text . 2 Three slots for text, either from file (*.txt) or entered in a text box (no size limit) 3 Adjustable scrolling speed (use the slider or the mouse wheel) 4 Selectable background and text color, font, line height, alignment and margin 5 Accurate percentage display of the current text 6 Mirror mode to flip the text horizontally, for use with a mirror 7 Optional Eye Line Marker, showing a semi-transparent red border around the middle lines of the text (adjustable from 1..5 lines) 8 Optional "Pause on Mouse-Over" mode 9 Endless Mode / Single pass through

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